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Message for the day

To surrender to God is to be light. Contemplation: When difficult situations come our way, it is a natural habit to worry and so we are unable to use the available resources with ease. On the other hand, if we are able to surrender to the Supreme, we are able to be light. This lightness brings the perception of our resources and capabilities that we are able to use. Application: The first thing I need to do when difficult situations come my way is to surrender the situation and my thoughts to God. As the idea of God is of a perfect being, it is easy to be light and carefree. Thus I am able to make my mind powerful enabling me to use the available resources in the best possible way.

Message for the day

Value: Lightness To have a balance of responsibility and lightness is to enjoy everything. Contemplation: While fulfilling our responsibilities we need not feel heavy but need to be light within. This lightness will be reflected in our thoughts, speech, actions and relationships which will be light too. We will then be able to mould ourselves and enjoy in every situation. Application: When I take up any responsibility, I need to remind myself that I have taken on this responsibility and I will fulfill it to the best of my ability. I will do my best but will be prepared for whatever outcome it brings. When I am able to practice being light in this way I will be able to make the best use of everything.

Message for the day 27th March 2006

Faith brings freedom from waste and hence victory is ensured. Contemplation: Faith gives the power to do the best, as it gives freedom from wasteful thinking.  Hence, all thoughts would be focused only on the task at hand. When we put in our best in this way we'll surely be victorious. Application: Let me think of one task that has been difficult for me.  Let me also take a thought in  my mind that I will succeed in that task.   This one thought will naturally make me free from all negative and waste thoughts and will give me the power to do the best without having to worry about the consequences.

Message for the day 25th March 2006

The one who is generous gets everything yet has freedom from desires. Contemplation: When we are generous we would be free from expectations from others or situations.  Then we are able to appreciate all the good things that life brings our way.  Also the more we are able to be beyond desires the more we find that what is right comes to us. Application: When I find myself expecting something, I need to tell myself that I will surely get what is right for me.  So I need not ask for anything, but enjoy and use everything that comes my way for my benefit and for the benefit of others.

Message for the day 24th March 2006

The positivity within is reflected in sweetness in the words. Contemplation: Things do not always go the way we want them to.  If we allow ourselves to get influenced by the situation, it is reflected in our words, which tend to become bitter.  But if we are able to maintain our positivity even in negative situations, there will be sweetness in our words. Application: When I am faced with a difficult situation, my effort should be to maintain the positivity in my mind.  For this I must remind myself that each and every moment is worth a lot, which I must be able to enjoy.  I must have the joy of being alive and happy. When I will be able to do this, there will be sweetness in my words.

Message for the day

Correction with sweetness is more effective than words spoken with anger. Contemplation: We need to be sweet while we have to correct or point out someone's mistake. When we do that, what goes across to them is the feeling and not the words. If there were to be anger or dislike while correcting them, the response we get would be negative too. Application: When I do have to correct someone, it is necessary to remind myself of being sweet, not just in my words, but in my attitude too.  For this I need to practice having good wishes for the one I want to bring a change in.  Love combined with sweetness will surely work, and I'll definitely be able to notice a change.

Message for the day 22nd March 2006

Others experience sweetness when words are filled with the power of truth. Contemplation: False sweetness is saying that something is good without having taken the pains to find out what it is i.e., commenting on something superficial. Sweet words are those that are spoken after having understood the reality. Application: In order for my words to make an impact on others, I must take time to see if I have really recognised the goodness in the other person.  My each comment should be based on the truth that I have discovered in others and I will find others taking benefit from my words.

Message for the day:20.03.2006

Value:Sweetness Sweetness is the ability to see the good in all things. Contemplation: Deep within each and every situation is something good.  It only takes a little patience to look within and find it.  When we are able to understand the secret behind what is happening, it automatically brings sweetness in our lives.  Thus we will be able to spread this to others too. Application: Whatever happens throughout the day, I should be able to see the good in it. Even if I am not able to discover something good at that moment, I should maintain the faith that whatever happens is for the best.

Message for the day

To have a determined thought to overcome weaknesses is to have freedom from them. Contemplation: We only need to take a determined thought to overcome our weaknesses and we will. Then the influence of others' carelessness will not be on us but the influence of our determination will be on the others.  We will then be able to be free from our weaknesses whether outside situations support us or not. Application: First I need to take up any weakness of mine and along with it take the determined thought to overcome it.  Even if I see others with the same weakness, I should not let it loosen my determination in overcoming that weakness.  Let me make sure I don't give any excuses to myself but work on it till I overcome it.

Message for the day

The one who is simple is the one who is free from pain. Contemplation: When there is simplicity there is freedom from pain or hurt even in adverse situations. We are able to take benefit from the wealth of experiences accumulated over the past without feeling the pain. With simplicity we know that we need to remember the past only to the extent that we have to learn from it. Application: When something goes wrong and I find myself thinking about it again and again, I need to remind myself that all the past experiences are only for me to learn from them. The past is finished and I don't have to undergo the sorrow again thinking about the past repeatedly