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Message for the day 25-9-08

The one who sacrifices name and fame is the one who gets recognition. Projection: When we make a positive contribution we usually want to get recognition for it. We might not always say it in words but there is always an expectation that others should recognise our contribution. Solution: We need to make sure that we enjoy whatever we do. Since the task itself becomes enjoyable for us, we don't anymore expect recognition. The more we become free from expectations we get the love from others and recognition too.

Message for the day 16-9-08

To be free is to be free from the influence of time. Projection: Usually we allow time to change us. We are time conscious and we normally wait for the time to bring about a change in our situation. Then we say only if a particular thing happens can we do something else that we need to do. To wait in this way for time is to set limits on ourselves. Solution: We need to free ourselves from the influence of time. When we remind ourselves again and again that we are the creator and time our creation we will be able to change ourselves. This will automatically bring change in the situations too.

Message for the day 14-9-08

Where there is constant checking there is progress. Projection: Sometimes we find our mood fluctuating seemingly without any reason. At such times we do not understand why it is happening so.  We try to change our mood at that time by doing something else. We do find temporary relief but the feeling reemerges after sometime. Solution: What we need to do is to first check the cause of our fluctuation in mood. Particularly we need to check what weakness is working within us. Once we discover this we would find it easy to change our thoughts and feelings.