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Message for the day

Value: Divinity Respect from others is attained when there is a connection with the divinity within. Contemplation: Every human being has innate worth which is pure and divine.  Faith in the self brings out the potential within and this brings respect for the self. Self-respect makes us self-reliant and makes others respect us too. Application: In order to get respect from others, I need to connect to my own inner divine qualities, which increase my own self-respect.  For this let me find something unique in myself and each morning let me remind myself of this speciality.  Also I need to make sure I work at least once with this speciality throughout the day.

Message for the day 27th Feb 2006

Introversion brings empowerment of the self. Contemplation: Just as a tortoise withdraws from the external environment after its work is done, we too need to find time for ourselves.  Amidst the activity of the day, we need to make time to look within and find the beauty that is hidden there.  When we do this as a practice it brings a positive experience that empowers the self. Application: I need to give myself a little time everyday at regular intervals. During this time, I need to look within and find my own uniqueness and I will find that I am able to have access to my own positivity and power. This practice will help me during a difficult time too and I will be able to use these qualities under all circumstances.  So I will not be a victim to situations but will be powerful to give what is required at that time.

Message for the day 24th Feb 2006

Others experience sweetness when words are filled with the power of truth. Contemplation: False sweetness is saying that something is good without having taken the pains to find out what it is, i.e. commenting on something superficial. Sweet words are those that are spoken after having understood the reality and so are filled with the power of truth. Application: In order for my words to make an impact on others, I must take time to see if I have really recognised the goodness in the other person.  My each comment should be filled with power based on the truth that I have discovered in others and I will find others taking benefit from my words.

Message for the day

Detachment brings the power of realisation, which enables recognition of one's mistakes. Contemplation: Detachment means to be detached from our old ways of thinking and habits.  When we are detached, we have the power of realisation, which enables us to correct our mistakes without giving excuses.  If not we'll just continue to prove to ourselves and to others that we are right even if we are not. Application: When someone points at my mistake, it is good to get detached from my old nature and ask myself if there is anything that I can do to correct myself.  When I am able to do this I get the power to learn and continue to improve myself with every criticism that comes my way.

Message For the day

The power of determination brings thought into practice. Contemplation: We do have a number of thoughts that we would like to put into practice. Most of the times it doesn't happen that way and they remain merely thoughts.  It is necessary to strengthen such thoughts with the power of determination and we will be able to make them practical. Application: Let me think of something that I wanted to do but could not bring into practice.  Now let me take this thought once again and see why it is important for me to bring it into practice.  Once I  understand this I will be able to be determined to put it into practice.

Message for the day

To experience peace is to be in one powerful stage. Contemplation: The more the thoughts we have, the lesser the peace that is experienced in the mind.  When we are able to maintain a powerful thought throughout the day whatever the situations come our way we can experience constant peace. Application: Right in the morning let me take a thought that is positive and powerful. For example, 'victory is my birthright' or 'I am always fortunate'. Whatever the situations I come across, let me emerge this thought and I will be able to maintain peace.

Message for the Day

To surrender to God is to gain the power to face the different challenges of life. Contemplation: In the difficult situations that come in our life when we have faith in God and surrender to Him, the power within is brought out.  Then we are able to use our inner power in a practical way.  With the faith that God is with us, we can transform negative to positive, and impossible becomes possible. Application: When any task demands strength beyond my capacity, let me make the all-powerful God my companion.  With the power of His companionship I will find things a lot easier to handle.  Because of my connection and companionship I will be able to give my best and help automatically comes.

Message for the day

The power of truth will enable us to learn from our mistakes. Contemplation: The power of truth within will enable us to learn from all situations. When things go wrong we will be able to check ourselves and improve instead of giving excuses to the self and others.  When we give excuses we will not be able to learn and progress. Application: I need to think of one situation that went wrong today.  Let me then check fro myself what part I had to play in the situation because of which things went wrong.  Le me then correct myself  based on this understanding.

Message for the day

To remain calm is to experience divinity. Contemplation: We are divine beings but external situations pull us away from our inner divinity, if we let them. When there is not a very positive situation that we are confronted with, we need to save ourselves from the pull of the outside situation and be calm and peaceful.  It is then that we will be able to experience the divinity within. Application: Every morning let me practice being a peaceful being, who is totally in charge of myself. When I make this practice firm, when difficult situations do come I will be able to rely more on my internal peace and so experience the inner divinity instead of getting carried away or be coloured by the external situations.

Message for the day

The one who uses the virtues within is the one who is divine. Contemplation: When we are constantly using the virtues that we have, we are able to sustain the divinity within.  Irrespective of whether people do it or not, it is more important to see what we have to lose if we lose touch with these virtues and what we have to gain if we work with these virtues.  Working with virtues consistently gives more power than working with weaknesses.  It gives power to both the situation and ourselves too. Application: Let me practice with one quality each day. When I continue to create a thought of positivtiy and sustain it through out the day, I am able to experience the divinity at all times.  Even if the situation outside is not conducive to this experience, I am still able to experience my inner divinity.

Message for the day 7th Feb 2006

To recognize the inner positivity is to be connected to our divinity. Contemplation: When we recognize that we are pure beings with a lot of positivity inside, we are able to tap that inner divinity that lies hidden. Negative experiences and influences do colour our inner divinity.  But in fact, we would love to be connected to our inner divine virtues and experience positivity under all circumstances. Application: Whatever I want is what I am.  In all my interactions and connections I would love to experience feelings of peace, love and happiness more than anything else.  And so that is what I am.  When I am connected to what I really want, I am able to experience the divinity within. Whenever a negative experience takes me away from the real me, I just need to remind myself of who I really am and what I really want.

Message for the day

Faith in God will make us feel victorious in all situations. Contemplation: Faith in God will make us experience His companionship in everything we do.  And the basis for this is love.  Where there is love there is never a moment of loneliness.  Thus we will be able to move forward with courage in all the challenges that life brings. Application: Let me think of one situation where I have found myself failing.  Now let me take a thought that God is with me to help me in this situation.   When I believe this, I will find that I'll get the courage to accept and face the situation.   Then I can also work and bring about a change in the situation.