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Message for the day 5-11-08

Words are effective when they are short and sweet. Projection: Many times we find that although we say the right thing to others, it has no effect on them. We, then, begin to blame them and feel that they are not listening to us. But the words spoken with such an attitude do not have any effect on others. Solution: When we speak to others esp. in a delicate situation we need to make sure that our words are filled with love. When we talk with love, our words will be filled with sweetness and we naturally speak only to the extent necessary. Then whatever we say will have its effect on others.

Message for the day 1-11-08

  To be a master is to be free from one's own weaknesses. Projection: We are usually under the control of our own weaknesses in a negative situation. We first respond to the situation with our weakness and then try hard to change our thoughts. But we don't find ourselves succeeding and the weakness gets the better of us. Solution: We need to develop the consciousness that we are a master and the weakness within us, our creation, and so it is totally in our control. When we develop this consciousness we will be able to win over our weaknesses easily.  

Message for the day 2-11-08

To judge others is to take law into our hands. Projection: When we see anyone doing something wrong, we immediately begin to think about it and judge them based on whatever we have seen. When we bring any such negative thoughts we will not be able to help in any way to overcome the weakness. Solution: We need to remind ourselves that we have no right to judge others. The only thing we need to do is to see if we can help them out in anyway to overcome their weakness. If not, we need not think or talk about it, i.e., we need not take the law into our hands.