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Fwd: Self Progress Experiencing God’s Power Today:10-08-2008

Experiencing God's Power Today:   Today Baba Says, " To the extent to which your actions are elevated, accordingly, the line of your fortune becomes long and clear. The method to create fortune is to perform elevated actions. So, become one who performs elevated actions and attain the fortune of being multimillion times fortunate. However, the basis of performing elevated actions is an elevated awareness. Only by maintaining the awareness of the highest-on-high Father will you perform elevated actions. Therefore, draw your line of fortune as long as you want. The fortune for many births can be created in this one birth."   We the Children of God are Checkers and Makers: Today I check how I am spending my time. As every second is worth millions in this confluence age, is my every thought, word and action as valuable as that? Because now is the time for sowing my seeds for the whole kalpa!! Therefore the awareness of the One Father should be there at every second.