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29th July

"If you want to advance in life, make sure that your WANTS dont advance"    

28th July

"When one observes the beauty that is within God , it becomes easy to appreciate the beauty within creation"

27th July

"Why try to prove yourself ? Let others learn sense through your innocence"

26th July

"If I cling to the past, the present becomes difficult and the future seems impossible"  

25 July

"Some people never mature because of  a fear of aging, and some because they refuse to accept responsibility"    

24th July

"Love of God makes you love all mankind and hate none. Love of one individual makes you love only one and hate many"    

23rd July

If every morning you can spend a few moments to sort out your thoughts and remember God, your day will be filled with Magic    

22nd July

If your mind is caught in bondages and problems of the past, you will not experience the joys of the present.    

21st July

"To tolerate someone else's mistake is one thing. To forgive them is even greater."

20th July

"We may forget our own virtues but God never forgets"    

19th July

"The quality of our thoughts determines our own personal degree of happiness"

18th July

"If you have the habit of minding other people's business, your own business will become bankrupt"      

17th July

"Love is Universal. It has no limits."    

16th July

"Only when you accept the rules of freedom can you call yourself free"    

15th July

"True victory means complete control over the sense-organs"  

14th July

"The greatest service is to share with others the joys of living"    

13th July

"The more you look for defects in others, the more you will become affected. Weaknesses are contagious"

12th July

"What seperates a highly developed man from an animal ? His Thoughts"  


 9th July "If I enjoy praise, it seems I can be easily hurt by defamation"   10th July "If you love someone , you try to be like that person is. If we love God, should we not attempt to be Godly?"   11th July "Even though you cannot change time, realise it is time for you to change"

Quote 8th July

"The one who is honest and has a true heart will always feel light and tension-free"  

7th July

Quote for Today   "The only definite thing about human beings is that they change"    

Quote 6th July

"If a person hides his feelings , is it because there is something wrong with his feeling?"
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Quote 5th July

"Once you get used to doing nothing,you find that there is no time left to become busy"

Quote 3rd July, 4th July

3rd July "Everyone needs company. Do I have enough love to share my company with someone?" 4th July "If you give your heart to GOD, you will not get Heart Attacks"

Quote 2nd July

"Silence is not only the absence of sound but also stillness of the mind"

Quote - 1st July

"A fool wants others to see him; the wise man smiles in the audience."