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Protect yourself from fear and anxiety

This is one of those rare times when all of us, at the global level, are going through the same vibration, the same energy, facing the same situation. It is called an epidemic, a crisis. We are all concerned about our health, which is important, but we are focusing only on our physical health. We have to see another dimension of health -- our emotional health. Before this crisis occurred, most of us believed that situations have a direct effect on our minds. Whenever situations were not to our liking and we got irritated, disturbed, upset or angry, it was easy for us to say, “The situation is like this, so obviously I will get disturbed”. We would blame the situation for how we were feeling. This is the victim mode of living. Whether it was the traffic on the road, a target at work, the behaviour of a colleague or a senior, or that of your spouse or child, or just the weather that day – we have seen a lot of situations and every time the situation was not the way we wanted it to be,

It is not what other people say and do that creates hurt & insult, it is what we do inside our mind with those words that creates emotional suffering. To heal means to take responsibility of the suffering we create inside. #brahmakumaris #thought4today #thoughtfortheday

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