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Message for the day 28.09.2005

Knowledge becomes the mirror to our character. Contemplation: Only when we know we can bring about a change. True knowledge enables us to check ourselves in the right way, so that we can bring about a change in our behavior and interactions. We get to know to what extent we have brought about a positive change and what we need to do. Application: It is essential to read something good everyday. So let me make the practice of reading something new each day. Even a few lines enable me to check myself and know what aspect I need to change myself in the most difficult times. This practice will enable me to make knowledge practical.

Message for the day 29.09.2005

Knowledge is enriched with the tool of silence. Contemplation: When difficult situations come our way, we are not able to keep our mind calm. So also we do a lot of things to correct the situation. Yet it is found that the more the activity, the more it becomes difficult to understand and relate to the essence. Application: When some pressurizing situation demands that I give my best, let me make the practice of having at least a few moments of silence. Silence just doesn't mean absence of sound, but it also means the silence of the mind where I am able to stabilize myself in some positive experience for some time. This will enable me to get the right response from within.

Message for the day 23.09.2005

The one with self-respect has the power to tolerate. Contemplation: The one with self-respect never thinks or feels that he is tolerating. On the other hand, since he is tolerant, he has the strength and the ability to tolerate difficult situations and criticism with ease. Application: If I am constantly feeling that I have to tolerate a lot, let me check within myself if I can use some strength that is hidden within me for dealing with the situation. I know I can do nothing to change the situation, but I can at least do

25th September

Anyone can learn to be a good speaker, but how many live in a manner that others can learn from.

24th September

Sometimes you put out a helping hand to people and they spit on it, nonetheless, through your thoughts give love and mercy.

23rd September

"If you allow things to surprise you, you will get easily confused"

22nd September

If you give your heart to someone they might break it; give your heart to God and have it strengthened.

21st September

"If someone keeps laughing at you, don't fret . At least you are giving happiness."

Message for the day

To look within is to find the biggest treasure of peace. Problem: People usually look for peace in hill stations, places of worship or pilgrimage places. A short or long break from the routine challenges normally gives an experience of peace. But it is not always possible to get such breaks. Also once the time spent in silence is over, the challenges tend to make us lose that peace once again. So that too becomes a temporary solution. Solution: It is important for me to understand that peace is lying within me. The external stimulus just becomes an excuse to emerge that peace. If I find time to spend with myself and experience that peace at regular intervals as a practice I will be able to find that peace within me. This practice will help me to maintain my peace at all times, and keep me ready for the bigger challenges that I face.

Thought for the day

Determination Determination makes you sit up straight and love everything, because it's all part of moving forward. Day and night you have the feeling that you only have to seek and can touch the hard core of wisdom that rests inside each moment. You can focus on that, let the toughness be in seeking that and then action is automatically as it should be. Gently right.

20th September

"Become righteous and you are free from wrongs."

Message of the Day

Value: Self-respect The one who is connected to his own specialities is the one who has self-respect. Contemplation: Each one of us has a wealth of specialities hidden within us. Yet people generally give a feedback more of our negativity than of our strengths. To have self-respect means to be connected to our own specialities, whether we get a positive feedback or not; whether situations are good or not. Application: Let me be aware of any speciality of mine and use it consciously. The more something is in use, the more it is accessible to me at the time of need. So irrespective of whether everything is going on well or not, let me practice using this speciality of mine and bring benefit for myself and others too at every moment.

Message for the day

To keep the mind calm is to have the ability to trust one's own intuition. Contemplation: Even when things go wrong, the one with a calm mind is able to see things for what they are. As the mind is clear and there is nothing waste and negative, there is clarity in perception. So the full capability of the intellect is used and clear decisions flow automatically. Application: Let me watch situations as a detached observer. This will give me clarity and I will be able to take the right decisions with ease. My intuitive capability will work at its best and my decisions will be right so what I do will be for the best.

Message for the day

Trust wins cooperation. Contemplation: When we are working together, we need to trust those working with us by seeing their capabilities and using them too. This will naturally create a healthy environment where everyone is working together as a team. Application: One thought that would help me in practical situations to work as a team is to have trust in the ones I am working with. When I am able to trust, I am able to create a positive environment where everyone is able to express his or her best potential. The task would be successful and there would be benefit and personal growth for everyone working in the team.

19th September

"Be careful! Your each expression will leave an impression."

18th September

"Faith in God means no fear"

17th September

"To have love for God is to love humanity"

16th September

"The harmony that exists within the minds of individuals will be reflected in harmonious society."

15th September

If others are against you, dont put your back against the wall, see what you can gain from the company of GOD

14th September

"Sometimes the greatest contribution you can make is to give regard."    

13th September

Pure manners are filled with grace, impure manners are disgraceful.  

12th September

One's character is not visible in a mirror  

11th September

"The big question in life is death- the answer to death is life"  

Message for the day

To be cool is to work to build relationships. Problem : It is easy to speak negatively when we do not like something about someone. We first react to them in our mind and so tend to get angry. Our words and behaviour would then naturally be negative and insulting too.  This further widens the gap and breaks the relationship.   Solution : When someone does something undesired, I first need to try and understand his behaviour.  Every person has a reason to behave the way he does.  If I can’t understand at that time, I at least need to give it time.  The more I react to the other person and his behaviour, the greater the distance that is created.  So I need to begin the first step of positivity by recognizing some positivity in him.

10th September

"The more you give benefit to others the more you do good to yourself.      Be good to yourself daily."

9th September

"You cannot make a fool of one who keeps cool"

8th September

"The one who knows how to adjust is the one who knows how to survive"  

7th September

One way to guard against the feelings of hate is to give regard.

6th September

"Pure love is the basis of eternal relationship"  

5th September

"To be blind does not mean to be in darkness"

4th September

The best way to behave when crisis strikes is to be brave.

3rd September

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love; see what happens when you love god."

2nd September

"When you get angry, you lose more than your temper"

1st September

"Nothing is just coincidence,every tree in life's garden bears significance"