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Thought for Today - Life

Life Ignorance makes you believe that life functions haphazardly. Wisdom teaches you that everything that happens in this theatre of life has profound significance. What you see today is not the fruit of chance but a fruit from seeds planted in the past. Plant seeds of peace now and you will create a life of peace in the future.

Message for the day

Detachment brings perfection. Expression: When there is detachment, there is the ability to see things for what they are. One is not coloured with one's own feelings and attitudes, but there is the ability to be free from them. So the words and actions that emerge are naturally free from past experiences. So there is the best ability to use the resources available and so there is perfection. Experience: Since I am detached, I am able to be in the present and enjoy whatever is available with me. I am able to bring out and experience the inner perfection. I am not coloured with past experiences nor do I limit my own inner powers because of them. Iam able to do the best even while experiencing full freedom.

Message for the day

To experience inner virtues is to spread fragrance. Expression: Like a rose which continues to spread its fragrance to everyone it comes into contact with, the one who is in touch with inner qualities and virtues is able to do the same. When there is the experience of the inner qualities, there is a natural expression of these qualities in every act and in every interaction. Experience: When I am able to constantly be in touch with my inner qualities, I am able to experience the positivity in everything I come into contact with. I remain happy and content with whatever life brings my way, yet I can continue to make the best of every situation, colouring it with my own virtues.

Message for the day

The seed of pure thoughts surely bear fruit. Expression: Purity in thoughts means to be free from all kind of negative influences. Such thoughts bring forth positive words and actions. The one who has pure thoughts is able to express his own inner positivity in every act and every relationship. Every effort is naturally made to sustain this pure thought, and this sustenance bears fruit at its own time. Experience: When I keep my mind clean and clear, I am able to enjoy sowing seeds of only pure thoughts. Such pure thoughts help me get multiple times result, as even a single thought gets me several fruit. One thought of positivity adds power to every area of my life, and I become empowered.

Thought for the Day : Resist Not

Have you ever noticed that resistance leads to persistence. And behind all resistance is self-created fear. The only way to relax and stay relaxed is acceptance. You don't have to agree, or follow, or condone, but acceptance means you begin any interaction with a serenity which invites others to engage with you. And out of engagement comes the satisfaction of creative expression and an enriching relationship. That's relaxation in action!

Message for the day

To be free from taking sorrow is to be constantly happy. Expression: When someone does something to give sorrow, it is important not to take that sorrow, i.e., it is important not to be affected with it. When there is the ability to be free from taking sorrow, it is also possible to be free from giving sorrow to others too. So words spoken will be filled with sweetness and would help in bringing benefit. Experience: As I am free from taking sorrow from others in all situations, I am able to keep myself free from the negative influence of situations and people. So I am constantly able to maintain my internal state of happiness. I am able to transform the most negative thing into something positive because of my internal state of mind.

Thought for the day

Everything depends on our thinking. If I think in the right way I will be light. If I think in a wasteful way I'll be heavy. Waste thoughts are dangerous. They waste my time. They allow the past to come alive, then I forget the present and question the future.