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The difference between truth and falsehood

It is said that God is truth. Truth is that which is real, genuine, and eternal, not imaginary, artificial, or temporary. When we believe or say that we are truthful, is that really the case? Are we – our thoughts, words and deeds – truly aligned with God? Is God the support and guiding light of our life?

The moment we make a person or thing our support, that very second the mind and intellect have stepped away from God and come under the influence of that person or thing. Because of stepping away from the one who is truth, the intellect will begin to be deceived. It will consider what is false to be true and what is wrong to be right. It starts making erroneous judgments. Then no matter how much someone tries to explain to us that it is not right, we try to prove what is wrong to be right, using all the persuasive power of clever arguments that are, however, based on falsehood.

What is the difference between truth and falsehood? Success or victory attained through falsehood is always short-lived, because that which is not true cannot be everlasting. The defeat of truth is temporary and its victory is always eternal. Those who achieve success on the basis of falsehood experience happiness for a short while, and while they are celebrating their victory, they consider themselves to be right. However, when the transient period of falsehood comes to an end, and when the triumph of truth is there for all to see, to the extent they exulted in pleasure under the influence of falsehood, there will be hundredfold repentance for the untruth because they stepped away from God.

You don’t step away physically. In a worldly sense you may consider yourself to be knowledgeable and intelligent, but you step away from truth spiritually, in your mind and intellect. Your conscience may warn you, but since your intellect has been subverted by untruth, you choose to ignore it.

In fact, when you move away from truth, there are several symptoms: the intrinsic qualities of the soul, such as peace, pure love, and the power that comes from truth, are all diminished. You may even become aware of this loss of peace, but if the hold of falsehood is strong enough, you do not change course. When you distance yourself from God in this way, you are unable to receive all that He has to offer in terms of His guidance and powers.

Some people think that they should savour the pleasure of victory gained through falsehood while it lasts. “Who has seen the future? Who will see anything anyway? We will forget it and so will everyone else,” they tell themselves. However, that is judgment based on falsehood.

The future is the shadow of the present. The future cannot be created without the present. A person under the influence of falsehood can rejoice in the momentary jubilation of having acquired wealth, fame, or honour, but such a soul cannot experience peace of mind or the serene satisfaction that comes with untainted achievements.

That person will not receive good wishes and blessings from the hearts of all souls. He can get superficial love, but not love from the heart. He can receive temporary honour, but cannot experience honour from God, or find a place in His heart, because he has stepped away from God. Let alone the future ­ that is understood anyway ­ even the attainments in the present from truth and falsehood are as different from each other as day and night. So, keep checking what influences your thinking – worldly things, people, or God? What rules your mind will determine your future.

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