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Message for the day

When there is a balance between easiness and reliability, there will be benefit for others.

Contemplation:When we understand our responsibility we would understand that what we do effects the lives of others too. So we will be cautious. Apart from this we will also know to take care of our own well-being because we would know that others will gain form our healthy attitudes.

Application:Let this day be dedicated for removing some weakness within myself that is creating an obstacle for others and myself. When I do this I will not only be helping myself but there will be benefit for others too.

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Message for the day 25-9-08

The one who sacrifices name and fame is the one who gets recognition. Projection: When we make a positive contribution we usually want to get recognition for it. We might not always say it in words but there is always an expectation that others should recognise our contribution. Solution: We need to make sure that we enjoy whatever we do. Since the task itself becomes enjoyable for us, we don't anymore expect recognition. The more we become free from expectations we get the love from others and recognition too.

Cake finishing ceremony

Shantanu Bhai "selling" the cake at the end of the closing ceremony of IT Retreat

The Group

Group photo of the IT Retreat members..[ am behind the camera:)]