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Message for the day

Value: Faith

To be connected with people's specialities is to have faith in them.

Faith is more based on our perception of people rather than just their
behaviour.  When we have the habit of seeing specialities in each and
every person, we are able to create space for the use of these
specialities.  This automatically reflects our faith in them and their
ability to contribute.

Let me make a firm practice of seeing at least one positive aspect in
each and every person I come into contact with.  Then I will be able
to use this speciality in a practical way and help the other person
also to use this speciality. In this way, I will be able to increase
his capability and my faith in him.

Message for the day 31st Jan

Faith in others wins cooperation from them.

When we are working together, we need to have faith in the
capabilities of those working with us by seeing their specialities and
using them too. This will naturally create a healthy environment where
everyone is working together as a team.

One thought that would help me in practical situations to work as a
team is to have faith in the ones I am working with. When I am able to
have faith, I am able to create a positive environment where everyone
is able to express his or her best potential. The task would be
successful and there would be benefit and personal growth for everyone
working in the team.

Message for the day

Creativity is to create even when there is visible destruction.


When we are creative, we are not worried about the visible destruction
that is going on around us.  We need to understand the fact that the
task of destruction is always very conspicuous and the task of
construction very incognito but powerful.  So when we continue to sow
seeds of positivity we are able to create - using the forces of
negativity as manure for growth.


Whenever I see someone using negative traits, I need to see within
myself what positive traits I can use to contribute to end that
Instead of getting coloured by negativity, I need to contribute
This is true creativity, which 'creates' even in the worst circumstances.

Message for the day

Value: Creativity

Introversion frees the mind from wasteful and negative thinking and
brings creativity.


Instead of being taken by surprise and despairing, introversion helps
us to remain steady and creative even during difficult situations.
Introversion keeps us free from the grip of negative programming and
conditioning that is already in the mind and helps us remain focused
and capable, using resources in the right way.


Even in the most negative situation, I need to practice being detached
and rise above the situation and have the aim of moving forward. This
gives me the understanding that there is a secret, tailor-made lesson
for my own personal development, in every instance of difficulty in my
life. Thus I will be able to creatively use everything for my progress.

Message for the day

Simplicity sharpens the power of perception and brings clarity.

When there is simplicity within, the clouds or layers that prevent
clear perception begin to fade away and we are able to see the
situation clearly.
simplicity we find that there is nothing to colour or change our
perception and naturally the decisions that follow become accurate too.

Before I take any important decision I need to stop for a while,
detach myself from the situation and see it with a cool mind. With
this my thoughts will become free from all kind of associated memories
and unnecessary attitudes and I will be able to make the right decision.

Message for the day 2nd Jan 2006

Value: Clarity

The one who has a clear aim, is able to win the cooperation from
others too.

When we are doing something with a clear picture in our minds, others
will naturally cooperate.  If we ourselves are not sure of what we are
doing and why, we will not be able to receive their cooperation. So we
first need to make sure in our minds our own clarity of our journey
and destination.

When I want the cooperation of others in what I do, I need to make
sure that I am sure of what I am doing.  I first need to be clear in
my mind of what I want to achieve and I will find others helping me
too start fovouring me.  In other words, I am able to make best use of
the resources available to me.