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The habit of seeking validation, appreciation & fame from others ended when I recognised my self worth by realising who am I in true sense. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

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We expect something from other people and situation because there is a deep ingrained belief within us which says, "I will be happy only when they do this for me. Happiness is a inner state of contentment free from all expectations. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

The drama of life is best enjoyed when I shift my role from actor to spectator whenever needed. I am incharge of my acts, I am detached viewer of everyone else's role. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Peace is the ability to observe your mind and your life without resisting & fighting with it. Happy International Peace day. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

We cannot correct someone's mistake out of force & control. But we can surely influence them by demonstrating what love is. By accepting them unconditionally we show them the power of love & peace that is already within them. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

We all have a truth guiding mechanism within, which guides us how to think with love & peace. This is often called as conscience. To be spiritual is to listen this voice & restore the light of truth. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Discipline is a natural expression of respect for life. Discipline comes from love for a divine goal. Spiritual discipline is not a burden but it takes us towards ultimate freedom. It is discipline that keeps us protected from our unnatural sanskaras of weakness. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day