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New training center at Shantivan


Shativan Entrance

Om Shanti Bhavan

Karuna Bhai and Sr Mohini during the Inauguration ceremony of IT Retreat
Dadi Janki and Karuna Bhai during the inauguration ceremony of IT Retreat

Photo time

Gyan Chit Chat time

View from Dining Hall

View from the Dining Area at Gyan Sarovar


First among equals:) It was difficult to chose between the Ice Cream and the IT session that was being conducted.. hence both went hand in hand

Sr Vedanti

Sr Vedanti during the Gyan Chit Chat during the IT Retreat

Baba's room

New Baba's room at GyanSarovar at night


Guess this is a flower .. It looked good so captured it

Bro Anthony

Br Ajay introducing Bro Anthony at the IT Retreat

High Level Decisions

Policy team members working on high level decision.. so they chose appropriate location for the same :)

Baba's Room

Newly built Baba's room at Gyan Sarovar

Shantanu Bhai

Shantanu Bhai giving a closing ceremony speech

Cake Cutting

Group cake cutting ceremony

Cake Cutting Ceremony