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The habit of seeking validation, appreciation & fame from others ended when I recognised my self worth by realising who am I in true sense. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

We expect something from other people and situation because there is a deep ingrained belief within us which says, "I will be happy only when they do this for me. Happiness is a inner state of contentment free from all expectations. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

The drama of life is best enjoyed when I shift my role from actor to spectator whenever needed. I am incharge of my acts, I am detached viewer of everyone else's role. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Peace is the ability to observe your mind and your life without resisting & fighting with it. Happy International Peace day. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

We cannot correct someone's mistake out of force & control. But we can surely influence them by demonstrating what love is. By accepting them unconditionally we show them the power of love & peace that is already within them. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

We all have a truth guiding mechanism within, which guides us how to think with love & peace. This is often called as conscience. To be spiritual is to listen this voice & restore the light of truth. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Discipline is a natural expression of respect for life. Discipline comes from love for a divine goal. Spiritual discipline is not a burden but it takes us towards ultimate freedom. It is discipline that keeps us protected from our unnatural sanskaras of weakness. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Purity has a power which cannot be opposed & ignored. Anything done with a pure intention, strengthens the doer and benefits the world. Purity of heart brings lightness in feelings. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

If you know yourself completely, neither criticism nor praise can decrease or increase your self value. You realise that everyone has a filter of sanskaras through which they perceive other people. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Spirituality & science are complementary. Their convergence can engineer a new world of peace with high tech technology. Happy Engineers Day. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

While the world faces a health emergency, many have come forward to help, support and heal. Brahma Kumaris had converted a campus into an isolation and recovery facility in Sirohi district of Rajasthan state in India for the #Covid19 patients since 27th March. Over the months, over 929 from all over Sirohi district have been admitted and treated here. Authorities have reported a recovery rate of more then 95% of this facility. Read More #covid19 #covid19 #covid #coronavirus #corona #recovery

One who has tasted God's love is the one who is eager to share it with everyone. Their self respect enables them to understand and respect others. They are always first in flexibility, tolerance and humility. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Spirituality is not about becoming peaceful, it is about realising that I am already a being of peace. It is the "I am awareness" not "I will become". Strong & consistent remembrance of ones original nature can again make it natural. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

If I don't know me, I cannot manage me. If I cannot manage me, I am unable to manage my roles, responsibilities & relationships. That's why the beginning of all wisdom is from self realisation. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

To rise above a problem means to mentally go beyond the limited scene that narrows our vision. This naturally broadens our perspective and we see the bigger picture. Mountains turns into molehills and in this way the problems loses its power over our mind. #brahmakumaris

3-days Online Conference 'Inner Tranquility Leading Research for A Perfect World'

Join a 3-days Online Conference on the theme'Inner Tranquility Leading Research for A Perfect World' hosted by the SpARC Wing of Brahma Kumaris.YouTube: will be telecasted on Awakening TV. #research #event #brahmakumaris Friday 11th September                06:30 pm-08.30 pm           Inaugural SessionSaturday 12th September           10:00 am-11.30 amPlenary Session-0106:30 pm-08.30 pm            Plenary Session-02Sunday 13th September              10:00 am-11.30 amPlenary Session-0306:30 pm-07.30 pm          Plenary Session-04                                                         07.30 pm-08.30 pm             Valedictory session

When our heart is filled with love, our tolerance power is stretched naturally. Valuing and respecting the relationship becomes primary. We enjoy each other's differences & there is no space to hold other person's weakness. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday

The more I recognise my innate virtues, the more I realise my self worth. It is our virtues of patience, courage, cheerfulness, humility, which adds value to life. Morning is meant to remember my inner strength and exercise them throughout the day. #brahmakumaris#thought4today

We believe what is untrue and therefore make mistake. Meditation works at the root level and corrects those false beliefs. It is about realising the truth and merging the false beliefs. #brahmakumaris

The difference between truth and falsehood

It is said that God is truth. Truth is that which is real, genuine, and eternal, not imaginary, artificial, or temporary. When we believe or say that we are truthful, is that really the case? Are we – our thoughts, words and deeds – truly aligned with God? Is God the support and guiding light of our life? The moment we make a person or thing our support, that very second the mind and intellect have stepped away from God and come under the influence of that person or thing. Because of stepping away from the one who is truth, the intellect will begin to be deceived. It will consider what is false to be true and what is wrong to be right. It starts making erroneous judgments. Then no matter how much someone tries to explain to us that it is not right, we try to prove what is wrong to be right, using all the persuasive power of clever arguments that are, however, based on falsehood. What is the difference between truth and falsehood? Success or victory attained through falsehood is alw…

We lack nothing but we lack the ability to recognise our inner wealth. To be grateful is to see the unseen property of peace & happiness already assigned to us. #brahmakumaris##thought4today