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My choices change when my awareness about my self changes. Quality of my thoughts is based on the quality of the identity I carry about myself. As is my awareness, so will be my attitude. #brahmakumaris #thoughtoftheday

I can change myself. I can be the way I want to be. I can change my mindset. I can control my mind. But I cannot control anyone else so I stop expecting others to be the way I want it. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday

The root of jealousy is in the egotistical sense of seperation from others. In truth, we all are interconnected at spiritual level. We are one family and there is no idea of competition & jealousy amongst family members. Love eradicates the disease of jealousy. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day #positivevibesonly

Undivided & non-judgmental observation of every thought running in the mind can free us from the habits of blaming, wanting, expecting, complaining. This state of detached observation is freedom. #brahmakumaris #thoughtoftheday

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Everyone and everything is exactly the way it is meant to be. Accepting this on a deeper level will not let my mind to judge and find faults in others. This acceptance leads to a deep state of peace. #brahmakumaris #thoughtoftheday #thought4day #positivevibesonly #quoteoftheday

We don't connect with people if we connect with the past beliefs and experiences we had with them. Being dynamic is to drop the baggage of past experiences and have a fresh vision. Once we stop playing the old recordings in our mind, we create a new equation in relationship. #thoughtfortheday #brahmakumaris #weekendwisdom #positivevibesonly #dailyquote #quoteoftheday

Join Chairman Lokmat Media Shri @vijayjdarda, Filmmaker & Educationist Shri @subhashghai1 along with Spokesman @brahmakumaris BK Karunakar Shetty in a live conversation on "Media Ethics & Social Responsibility" Join 12 PM on 18-10-2020 #brahmakumaris #mediaprofessionals #media #socialresponsibility #vijaydarda #subhashghai

Join Aahar - Vyavhaar an interactive session with the experts to explore how each one of us can contribute to #SDG2 #ZeroHunger food choices & its effect on self & the planet. 6 PM, 16-10-2020. . @fao @ecobrahmakumaris . . #brahmakumaris #WorldFoodDay #FoodDay #foodwaste #FAO #foodstagram #foodphotography #foodie #foodblogger #foodlover

Information is food for the mind. How we nourish our mind with spiritual knowledge, affects our emotional health. These emotions influences our food choice for the body. Feast on healthy information & fast on unhealthy information. #worldfoodday #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday

World Post Day. #postaldepartment #UPU #postalservice #indiapost #letterisbetter #WorldPostDay #brahmakumaris

#UpcomingEvent Webinar on "Role of Jurist in present Scenario" on by Jurist Wing, RERF. Date and Time : 10.30 am, 28th October 2020 Speakers: 1. The Hon'ble Justice  Shri. V. Eishwaraiah ( Retd) 2. BK BL . Maheswari, Chairperson, Jurist Wing - Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation 3. BK Shivani, Motivational Speaker, Brahma Kumaris Join zoom meeting : 935 3781 0832 #brahmakumaris #jurist #judge #legal #bkevent #brahmakumarisevent

Happiness is not dependent on material accumulation. The habit of wanting & desiring more, creates nothing but restlessness, anxiety and worry. Replace it by generosity. Invest your energy in love, service and feel the inner wealth of contentment. #brahmakumaris #thoughtforthday

To forgive and forget comes later, the first is not to pile-up the memories of hurt. It takes great amount to spiritual maturity to be innocent once again. When we do not hold any grudges, the conscience remains clean & we feel light & free. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday

A contented soul never complaints about other people and is always loved by everyone. No matter what the surrounding is, our happiness and contentment can serve to bring a change. Everyone wants to work with a contented human being. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Attention and awareness of what is running on my mind, acts like a guard which protects the inner peace. A strong practice of observing one's own mind can wash away the habits of judging others. Checking is the most important step in changing. #brahmakmaris #thoughtfortheday

Only if I knew, I am the master creator of my feelings, I would never wait for other people to change so that I can be happy. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

Soul with spiritual awareness will never blame others for what he feels. Spirituality teaches self inquiry, self transformation & self mastery. It is ego which always projects blame and finds fault in others. #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day

We can be non-violent at thought level if we can be aware of the powerful energy residing in our heart - Love. To be non-violent is also to trust that truth requires no violence to be victorious. #Gandhijayanti #Internationaldayofnonviolence #brahmakumaris #thoughtfortheday

When I am in the awareness of a pure soul, my thinking and attitude is elevated. And as is the attitude so will be the atmosphere. Thoughts act like the invisible perfume whose fragrance can be felt by other people. #brahmakmaris #thoughtfortheday #thought4day