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Message for the day

Concentration is to be powerful under all circumstances.

To be positive in positive situations is easy.  But real concentration
is to remain positive and powerful even in negative situation.  A long
time of practice of having positive thoughts enables us to remain
concentrated even in negative situations.

Each day let me practice with one positive thought.  With consistent
practice when things are going good, I will be able to have
concentration even in difficult circumstances

Message for the day 29th Dec 2005

Concentration comes from having a deep insight.

When there is the understanding that there is more to life than what
we perceive physically, we are able to go beyond the visible situation.
brings concentration of the mind, which helps us accumulate power.
Thus we are able to give others by recognizing the mental needs of others.

When I find myself caught in anything that is not worth concentrating
on, I just need to withdraw my thoughts in a second and concentrate on
something positive. It could be giving the mind the task of giving
good wishes to others.

Message for the day 28th Dec

To have concentration is to have a powerful mind.

When thoughts are many and varied, there is lack of concentration.
naturally weakens thought power.  When all thoughts are focused on one
point, there is concentration - and power. Such a mind can then create
wonders.  It works like a lens that brings the sunrays together and
gets the power to burn paper.

Let me practice staying in the experience of one single thought.  I
can practice with peace, love, happiness etc.  When I experience this
quality there is concentration and this concentration naturally brings

Message for the day

Humility comes from an open and clean heart.

Humility needs a good home to dwell in.  When the mind is filled with
negative feelings or biased ideas towards anyone, we cannot use
humility.  So we need to fill our mind with positive thoughts towards

Self-respect is the key to developing humility.  When I am connected
to my own specialities, I am able to maintain self-respect.  When I
have respect for myself I have respect and positive feelings for
others too. This automatically gives me the openness to learn from
others too.

Thought for the day

To be alert is to have the ability to transform.

When we are alert, we are naturally able to recognize the indication
that situations are giving us.  We are able to pick this up, realize
what needs to be changed.  So we are able to transform easily and quickly.

When I find difficulty in changing something,  I need to alert myself
and make myself aware of the change that is required.  A little
re-thinking and checking will enable me to crystallize the change
required and make effort accordingly.  So transformation becomes easy.

Value: Concentration

To be positive is to increase concentration.

When we have negative thoughts, there are a lot of thoughts and they
are also disorganized.  So concentration is reduced.  On the other
hand, when the mind is filled with positivity, the thoughts are few
and well-organised.  So there is increase in concentration.

In order to increase the stock of my own positive thoughts, and
thereby increase concentration, I need to spend sometime with positive
Each day let me take a positive thought which becomes a reminder for
me of my own inner positivity.  This practice sustains positivity and
increases concentration.

Message for the day

The one who is alert is the one who is free from repeating mistakes.

Mistakes do happen, but we must keep our heart happy and have the
courage for the future.  Whatever happens there is always a lesson to
be learnt which would be useful for the future.  When we keep
ourselves alert and learn in this way, we are able to enrich ourselves
and also move forward with courage.

At the end of each day let me think of all those things that didn't go
right and see what I have learnt from them.  When I am sure that I
have learnt something I will understand what has happened was for the
good. When I am alert to my own mistakes and learning I will never
repeat what I have done wrong.

To be alert is to finish carelessness and laziness.

The one who is alert is the one who is enthusiastic too. And the one
who has this one speciality of enthusiasm, will be instrumental in
bringing many other specialities. So there is positivity, courage and
hope seen in such a person, which naturally finishes carelessness and

If I am alert to the situation, I will be able to find what is missing
and provide accordingly.  I will naturally take up the responsibility
of providing what is missing.  When I take up responsibility in this
way I will be able to finish laziness and carelessness within me and I
will be enthusiastic too.

To be alert is to make the best use of the available resources.

Difficult and challenging situations come to us in a way that we
don't recognize the positivity but only are able to see the negative
aspects in them.  So we sometimes find it difficult to do anything
to change the situation.  Having a practice of being alert to the
positive aspect of the situation helps in dealing better with the

Having a practice of seeing only the positivity in situations helps
us at times of need too. A long time of practice helps us even when
the situation is seemingly something negative.  We become alert to
the little resources that are hidden and are able to use them well
to better the situation.

Brahma Kumaris

Alertness comes from a calm and clear mind.

Situations do bring a lot of challenges for us, but where there is
fear or worry while facing them, there cannot be clarity in the mind.
So we cannot be alert to the solution that is hidden.  On the other
hand, the one who has a clean and clear mind is able to see the
solution hidden within every problem and so is able to achieve success

When faced with a problem I need to look for the solution with a clean
and clear mind.  I need to make special effort to clear mind of all
waste and negative, specially about the problem itself.  That means I
might for sometime have to even stop thinking about the problem and
allow my mind to dwell on something more positive.  This will
naturally allow my mind to come up with the right solution.

Message for the day

To be open to mistakes is to enable others to strengthen themselves and progress.

When there is respect for others there is actually an environment that is created in which they can strengthen themselves and grow. The one who has this elevated consciousness is not caught up with others'weaknesses. On the other hand, he is able to encourage them to use their specialties.

When I see someone working with his weakness, I need to think of one speciality in that person and relate to him with this speciality. Also I need to draw his attention to it and slowly I'll find him getting stronger.

30th November

Make effort to uplift yourself; do not degrade yourself, for one's own self is one's friend and one's own self is one's enemy.

Value: Balance

When there is a balance between easiness and responsibility, there will
be benefit for others.

When we understand our responsibility we would understand that what we
do affects the lives of others too. So we will be cautious. Apart from
this we will also know to take care of our own well being because we
would know that others would gain from our healthy attitudes.


Let me dedicate this day for removing some weakness within myself that
is creating an obstacle for others and myself. When I do this I will
not only be helping myself but there will be benefit for others too.

To balance forgiveness with correction is to ensure power in words.


To only correct without having any good wishes is to waste words.  It
will further distance the gap and create a barrier forever.  On the
other hand, just forgiveness will not ensure growth in the other
person, and he will only keep repeating his mistakes.  A balance of
both is what brings power in our words, which will ensure his positive


When I find someone making a mistake, I need to make sure that I
provide the  right environment for his change before correcting him. 
To provide the right environment means to have an attitude of
forgiveness and good wishes.
This will automatically bring positivity in my words through which he
can find some means of benefit for himself.